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    Disposable Product Features

    Type 5-6 Disposable 55 gr Jumpsuit

    Model Description : İNOVASTİL

    Model No.:TK55 LMN Type 5-6 Disposable 55 gr Coverall (Blue Stripe)

    Product Feature: Made of 55gr/m2 Laminated Fabric, the hood edge, waist, leg and sleeve are elastic, the front has a 75 cm opening zipper for comfortable putting on and taking off, the zipper cap is locked and does not open automatically. The zipper is patted on it.

    Fabric Feature: Disposable Overalls Fabric Features It is a breathable fabric and has liquid repellency. It has protective properties against moisture and bacteria. It does not cause toxicity.  It retains body temperature and does not cause dusting and pilling. They have high wear and resistance. It does not cause puncture or tear. Material : PP. PE. Nonwoven(100% Natural Polypropylene Nonwoven Laminated With Polyethylene Film SS Nonwoven Fabric + PE Film)

    Male & Female : Unisex (Men and Women)

    Weight : Thickness: 55/56gr/m2 Color: White

    body: Standard Size : S – M – L – XL – XXL – XXXL

    Quantity in the Package: 1 (Number in Bag) 10 (Can be Bagged with 10 Upon Request)

    Pieces in a Box: 70 Pieces Box Dimensions: 55 * 40 * 50 Desi : 32

    Stock Status : Due to the pandemic, it is constantly available.