Dust Protection Coverall 70 gr

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    Disposable Product Features


    Product Code : 00170
    Model Definition :

    Disposable Coverall

    Product Attribute : Made of 70gr/m2 fabric, the hood edge, waist, leg and sleeve are elastic, the front has an 80 cm opening zipper for comfortable putting on and taking off, the zipper cap is locked and does not open automatically. The zipper is patted on it.
    Fabric Property : It is air permeable, water repellent, flame retardant, particle proof, does not form bacteria, light and soft. It is generally used as a overalls
    Material : Nonwoven Spunbond ( Interlining )
    Bay ? Miss : Unisex
    Grammage : Thickness: 50gr/m2
    Color : white
    Size : L ? XL? XXL
    Quantity in Package : 1
    Quantity in Carton : 100
    Parcel Dimensions : 60*40 = 32
    Desi : ( 9.5 Kg. )
    Stock : existent