Disposable Pillowcase

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    Disposable Product Features

    Disposable Pillowcase

    Fabric Type: (SS)

    A fabric used in the health sector is considered one of the natural products due to its antibacterial properties, prevents and prevents the formation of allergic or microbial substances in the fabric.

    • Pillowcase Especially: Since nonwoven fabrics are breathable, the skin also minimizes sweating. Since it is natural and has a fine texture, it prevents sweating by allowing the body to breathe.
    • Disposable Pillow Size: 50×70 cm
    • Color: White
    • Other Fabric Properties: Antiallergic and Antibacterial
    • Box Size: 60 X 40 X 40
    • Number of Products in Box: 200 PCS
    • Box Weight: 6 kg